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The EU: Internet Samizdat Has to go……!

We have been handed our notice, the EU will not tolerate the Samizdat of the Internet, we are just too …”uncontrollable” for the Eurabiacrats. Over at Open Europe Blog, the EU’s latest scumbaggery can be viewed with contempt.
Last week the Irish Times wrote up a Commission briefing note which suggested that the Irish only voted no because they had were tricked by the evil British media. Well, you didn’t expect they could make up their own minds, did you? The briefing note blamed:
A growth in readership and distribution of Eurosceptic British press” for the no vote. It said:”Since 2002 we have seen an increase in UK with “Irishised” editorial of titles.
41% of all Irish people read one or more of the following; the Irish Sun, Irish News of the World, Sunday Times, People, Irish Mirror, Sunday Mirror, Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday. These have proven to be significant opinion formers which in general have been more Euro-hostile.[…]
Blogging is also seen as an anti-establishment activity. Few Yes campaigners came out with forceful counter arguments or were inspired to do so. Because of the many different sources of No campaigners on the internet, classic rebuttals is made impossible.
And so they have. Or rather, they’re planning to. The EU has had an issue with the internet for a while now (consistently documented by Richard North). Basically they don’t like the internet because they can’t control it. So today the European Parliament’s Culture Committee has voted for a report (here is the draft) which proposes that the EU should regulate blogs.
It’s been a big deal in the Swedish blogosphere/media for some time. The final version of the report released today is somewhat watered down and written in vague language, but it appears as if a few potential regulations are proposed. It seems as if the idea is to make blogs subject to similar rules as the print and broadcast media. Proposals seem to include:
-> Making it impossible to blog anonymously, and making significant bloggers declare their interests.
-> Bloggers would be forced to give a right to reply to persons that are criticized in a blog post.
-> Introducing a code of conduct for the private-user-generated content and a system of royalties for such content (similar to the one used in broadcast media if I understand it correctly).
-> Bloggers should be pressed to voluntarily publish their “aims and background.”The report complained that:
“The undetermined and unindicated status of authors and publishers of weblogs causes uncertainties regarding impartiality, reliability, source protection, applicability of ethical codes and the assignment of liability in the event of lawsuits. It recommends clarification of the legal status of different categories of weblog authors and publishers as well as disclosure of interests and voluntary labelling of weblogs.”
Man! They are really pissed off about the Irish NO vote on the Lisbon/EU constitution referendum. We have to be vigilant in the blogosphere to ensure that the EU elites don’t get their way, and you know, they are so very used to getting their way. KGS

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