David G. Littman: In the name of Islamophobia, Will the OIC Soon ‘Rule the Waves at The UN……?’

The OIC, which is actually the Islamic League of Dictatorial Anti-Democratic States (ILDADS) gets a royal “slap down” from the honorable David Littman, who has had it “up to here“with that Islamist organization.

No need to say anything further, David delivers it in full. (originally published at Jihad Watch)

On June 26, ten days after the June 16 “Sharia Affair” landmark at the Human Rights Council (see UN Human Rights Council: Any mention of the word “sharia” is now taboo; UNHRC: Something is, indeed, rotten in the State of … the Council; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03dOu-DNLec), the Permanent Mission of the OIC to the UN in Geneva forwarded to the High Commissioner for Human Rights the “OIC Observatory Report on Islamophobia” – regarding the implementation of General Assembly Resolution 62/154, entitled “Combating defamation of religions” , of which a summary was reproduced as a General Assembly document (A/HRC/9/G/2) .

The OIC document, processed on 24 July was made available only yesterday on the UN website for the 9th session of the UNCHR (8-26 September). We have reproduced four key paragraphs from this very pertinent Report – the introduction, one in the middle and two concluding passages:
One of the challenges of today’s world is the issue of Islamophobia. In recent years, this phenomenon has assumed serious proportions and has become a major cause of concern for the Muslim world.

As a result of this rising trend, Muslims, in the West in particular, are being stereotyped, profiled, and subjected to different forms of discriminatory treatment. The most sacred symbols of Islam are being defiled and denigrated in an insulting, offensive, and contemptuous manner to incite hatred and unrest in society. While Islam, as the religion of peace and tolerance, affirms moderation and balance and rejects all forms of extremism and terrorism, the proponents of Islamophobia continue their campaign to defame Islam and Muslims. (…)

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