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Sweden Set to Deport Turk For Gang Activity…….

Perhaps unknowingly, the Swedes are setting a precedent for actively deporting someone who is a habitual criminal …and more. Revoking Dehno Acar’s residence permit after he has fled the country is a passive measure by the Swedish state for sure.

What is needed is a legal means by which to deport criminals and anti-democracy rejects, meaning, those who preach jihad and promote Islamic terrorism and an Islamist agenda. The decision to deport the individual would of course be on a “case by case” scenario. KGS

The Local:The leader of the criminal network Original Gangsters has had his residence permit revoked by the Swedish Migration Board.

Denho “Dano” Acar fled to Turkey after he was accused of instigating an arson attack in autumn 2006. He has previous convictions in Sweden for a range of serious crimes. “The decision was made on August 21st and I don’t know if he has received the message yet. But we based our decision on the fact that he no longer lives in Sweden. That is the most common reason for revoking a permanent residence permit,” Migration Board spokeswoman Marie Andersson told newspaper Göteborgs-Posten.”

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