The Finnish Islamic Party Supports Russia’s War on Georgia…….

Hear Abdullah Tammi roar! In a press release published earlier this month, the Finnish Islamic Party (FIP) voices both its approval of the Russian invasion of Georgia, as well as offering a diatribe against the government of Estonia, for its supposed anti-Russian Muslim policies that have added to the “tension in the region”.
FIP: (Google translation) “Estonian President Toomas-Hendrik Ilves’s actions to support Georgian military action open to endanger the countries of eastern Europe of peaceful development, bringing instability in the Nordic and Baltic region. Estonia has no respect for human rights, repression of Estonia’s Russian Muslims, as well as a flagrant while they are second-or third-class citizens in it more difficult for their dignified life. Finland’s Islamic Party calls for the Finnish government, as well as the European Union to address the problem of the human rights situation in Estonia, which clearly brings regional tension, as well as to condemn the Estonian anti-Russian aggressive policy.”

And lets not forget that the same guy, Risto Abdullah Tammi, admitted to being a stooge for the KGB last June, and by the look of things he’s still busy pimping for the Russians. A Tundra Tabloid source tells me that there are hardly any “Russian Muslims” in Estonia to speak of:


It’s about Georgia, and Estonia, and about this I can’t make a mistake, this text comes straight from Russia (with the epithet “Satanic” about the US constituting a sole Islamic addition…) – it’s more than obvious that Tammi’s KGB-contract hasn’t ended. It’s funny he now also complains about the treatment of Muslims in Estonia… while, in reality, there are virtually none over there! I guess his goal is a) to connect the issue with his Islamic agenda, b) to try to form opinions about Estonia among the useful idiots here in Finland. At the same time, Johan “Baltic occupation is a Nazi myth” Bäckman talks about the Russian intifada and says he’s studying Arabic and the Islamic culture.”

I noticed earlier this week a similar worded op-ed published in the Central Finnish newspaper, the Keskisuomalainen. Georgia was cast as the vassal of the US and poor Russia was of course the victim, being penned up on all sides by the US, they are only exercising their right to “self defence”.

Just as Hitler defended ethnic Germans in the Sudetenland for their right to self determination, so to is Putin engineering a takeover of the autonomous Georgian regions of S.Ossetia and Abkahzia. The Russians are using every available means right now to get their propaganda into the public discourse, and yes, that means using tried and proven fools like Abdullah Tammi and the FIP. Something worth mulling over is, just how active is the KGB in promoting the Jihad or Islamic revival? Yes I know, the Russians have quashed Islamic attempts on their own turf, but it stands to reason that they would be willing to see the West engaged in a continual fight against it while they act freely in regain “lost territories”.

For more on Russian intrigue, watch the video of Yuri Bezmenov, he most certainly knows every single Russian trick in the book. It’s at least worth pondering about. KGS

NOTE: More on Bäckman’s foolishness here and here. Bäckman is a load speaker for the Russian propaganda dept. After a few email exchanges with him about the “Bronze Soldier”, it’s easy to see just how much a valued source this Bronze Statue “Troofer” is to the Russian propagnada dept.

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