They Looked Just Like Osama Bin Laden……!

That was the headline to yesterday’s article in the Finnish tabloid paper, Iltalehti. Last Thursday a Finnish woman happened to be boarding a plane in Manchester UK that was bound for Finland, and was only five meters from the two Arab looking men who were being frisked for weapons. The two were later arrested for being a part of British Al-Qaida that had sent British PM, Gordon Brown a death threat.

What is of interest is the way the Finnish woman -known only as “Tiina” in the article, makes it clear that she’s not prejudiced, over her initial fears that the men in question were suspicious looking.

Tiina: “I didn’t panic at all during the moment. I want to however, take people at face value, in unprejudiced way. I’m still wondering what terrorists would be doing in Finland. […]

They acted peacefully there. Officials began to inspect their cloaks. Most likely they wanted to check to see that they didn’t successfully smuggle in weapons or other things. I was just five meters from them. […]
Right now I have a strange feeling after the situation has become more clear. They weren’t far from getting on the plane and making it to Finland. People are presently ridiculously judgemental against Arabs in airports, but this time being judgemental proved to be right.”
Tiina typifies the mindset that is out there, don’t use profiling to ferret out the terrorists, that would be bigoted, but when one is found to almost have had made it on the plane….well shucks, this time around the label fit the goods.
The knee jerk reaction to (heaven forbid) act in a judgemental way because one senses danger, is the worst no no someone could commit these days, because the multiculturalists have deemed it as being …racist. See how it’s done? With a flip of a switch, the multiculturalists believe that they can erase hundreds of thousands of years of hardwired instinct that is basic to every human beings desire to survive.
A rabbit spots a hawk and makes a bee line for the next burrow, but in the fuzzy world of multiculturalism, the rabbit is not supposed to be biased against suspicious shapes flying above, and continue on as if it was never there. Needless to say the rabbit ends up as dinner. KGS

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