Loony Israeli Prof. Believes ISM Floatilla Acting Against Injustice…….

Who says higher education guarantees students access to the best minds available?

YNET: “We hit a nerve, says leader of Gaza sail
Prof. Jeff Halper, only Israeli who took part in peace sail to Gaza, says idea came from realization that Israel, world governments sluggish about lifting blockade on Strip; adds restrictions on Gaza symptomatic of more than security needs”

“In a phone interview with Ynet, Halper spoke about the reasons which motivated him and other left-wing activists to try and break the siege on the Strip: “There are people here yearning to live in peace with us, yearning for freedom.”

E h….yeah riiiight, “yearning for peace, yearning for freedom”, and if you buy into that one, then you’ll surely believe Gaza’s traffic light and drainage/sewer system is the best money can buy.


Here’s another valid reason why the far Left should never be allowed out of the padded room.

Prof.Halper: “All these restrictions, they’re not just for security reasons, they’re symptomatic to something much, much deeper.”

Do I really need to put up a wagon load of links to prove just how “out of touch with reality” that statement is? I think not. But now that the professor has found his way “in”, lets see if Israel lets him out, or should I say, “cross back over into Israel”.

Media Backspin: According to the Jerusalem Post, the ISM won’t necessarily be allowed to leave via Israel: Now that the group is in Gaza, the expectation in Jerusalem is that they will at some point ask Israel to let them into the country so they can fly back home, since it is unlikely they will want to sail back the way they came. No decision, however, has yet been made on whether they will be allowed into Israel.”

The Tundra Tabloids believes that Israel should let the loony professor find his “own way back” into Israel, which means daring to sail away on the decrepit dingy he floated into Gaza harbor on, with his fellow ISM terrorist loving activists. Now that would really be justice. KGS

NOTE: The Palis are already whining that the activists didn’t bring with them enough food. Seems that the supporters for terrorism thought that the Palestinians would take care of them, not the other way around. HAHAHAHA the irony of it all.

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