Leftist Activists Twiddle Thumbs as Russia Dices up Georgia…….

Come on everybody, you all remember the scenes of “human rights” activists acting as human shields around Iraq’s military facilities during the start-up of Operation Iraqi Freedom, even Finland had its own “human shield”, Teijo Virolainen.

But when it comes to real illegal invasions, well, the Left remains in traction. Russia has made a basket case of Georgia for over two weeks now, yet, where are the Left’s legions of “human rights” activists cum “human shields” putting their lives on the line for the people of Georgia.

Clue: Nowhere to be seen, because it’s Russia doing the invading, not the US. FronPageMag has an excellent article by Stephen Plaut on the subject of the hypocritical Left, and it’s reluctance to stick up for “human rights” when it’s not a Western state involved in military operations.

The Left, Georgia and Double Standards
By Steven Plaut


If the world is horrified at Russian aggression and behavior towards Georgians, where is its outrage at Arab aggression towards Israel and behavior identical to that of Russia? Why are those who dismiss the claims of a right to self-determination by Ossetians not dismissing as a similar Sudeten-style ploy the demands for “Palestinian self-determination?” Why are Palestinians, who enjoy treatment far better than that of the Ossetians and the Chechens, the focus of countless media exposes about their imaginary mistreatment by Israel?

And where are all those solidarity protesters? Where are the “International Solidarity Movement” protesters who like to attack Israeli troops and police and to serve as “human shields” to protect the Palestinian “victims” of Israeli self-defense? Why are they not rushing to Ossetia and Georgia to stand up to the Russian troops, throwing rocks at them and singing Kun-Ba-Ya? Where are the leftist human shields blocking the path of Russian military vehicles the same way they block Israeli Defense Forces operations? Are they afraid they will not be served the same nice gourmet lattes they get when Israeli forces apprehend them for hooliganism in the West Bank?

Why are leftists not organizing ships to break the Russian blockade of the Georgia coast the same way they are trying to provide sea-borne aid to the Hamas in Gaza? Where are the Rachel Corries and why are they not challenging Russian bulldozer crews? Why are the Anarchists against the Wall not hopping planes to Tbilisi to challenge Russian construction crews erecting walls in Abkhazia and Ossetia? Why are the Israeli leftist professors not holding pro-Ossetian poetry readings and solidarity rallies in Tbilisi?Here we have the hypocrisy of the members of the political faith exposed for all to see.

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