Georgia Burns to The Silence of The Finnish Lambs…….

Finland currently heads the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) but you wouldn’t know it. For any country chairing that organization, it means having to give voice to authority, meaning “stepping up to the plate and call things as they are”.

Presently, not one of the Finland’s government leaders have condemned outright the Russian attack on Georgia’s sovereignty, something of which the US, Germany, UK, France have done.

Finns loathe the Cold War term “Finlandization of Europe”, but nothing could be more evident in the past few days than the virtual silence of Finnish leaders over the actions of the Russians. Finnish FM, Alexander Stubb, visited the Georgian Republic yesterday and is currently in Russia with the French FM, Bernard Kouchner, negotiating with Kremlin leaders, but it’s highly unlikely that he’ll stomp his foot at President Dmitri Medvedev or Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

Personally, I’m ashamed of the Finnish leadership’s lack of enthuisiasm for supporting Georgian sovereignty, and while the situation is not any where near what Finland faced in 1939, Georgia is still a fellow democracy and deserves our support. The Cold War mentality in Finland is unfortunately alive and well. KGS

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