Hezbollah Extends Its Reach Around The World…….

Hezbollah shouldn’t be allowed to hide behind the veneer, that it’s “solely a defender of Lebanese interests”, quite the contrary, it’s very much an international player at the behest of its patrons in Tehran.

At a time when the Hez-O-Nazis are busy building up their arsenal of weapons that filter in from Syria and Iran, they are also very much involved in spreading their version of Shiite Islam to the four corners of the globe.

YNET: “Iranian-Hizbullah footprints can be found in various African and South American countries. In Nigeria, for example, Hizbullah operates within the expatriate Lebanese Shiite and local populations. The leader of the indigenous Shiites in Nigeria, Sheikh Zakzaky, has created idolism for Hassan Nasrallah and the leaders of Iran.

In Venezuela and other South American countries Hizbullah has been waging a long-term campaign to convert the native Indians to Shiite Islam. Teodoro Rafael Darnott, also known as “’Commander Teodoro,” recently claimed, “If the United States were to attack Iran, the only country ruled by God, we would counterattack in Latin America and even inside the United States itself. We have the means and we know how to go about it. We will sabotage the transportation of oil from Latin America to the US. You have been warned.”

Hezbollah has long ceased to being just a regional player, ever since it targeted a Jewish community center in Argentina in 1994. It is an international terrorist organization that is actively spreading its brand of religious poison around the world. The odious nexus that exists between Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is just one indicator of what is afoot in the region.

But one thing is for sure, the next time Hezbollah turns its sights upon Israel, the Jewish state will no longer distinguish between the Lebanese government and Hezbollah.

J’lem Post: “Meanwhile, Lebanon’s new Cabinet unanimously approved a draft policy statement last week which could secure Hizbullah’s existence as an armed organization and guarantee its right to “liberate or recover occupied lands.” “The Cabinet unanimously approved the draft,” Information Minister Tarek Mitri told reporters after the five-hour meeting at the presidential palace in a Beirut suburb last Monday.”


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