Kosovo KLA terrorist Lands Position of Defence Minister…….

Terrorists in suits, how familiar is that?

PRISTINA, Kosovo-Kosovo’s authorities have named a former guerrilla fighter as defense minister. Officials say Fehmi Mujota, 45, was named Monday to head Kosovo’s Security Force. It is a lightly armed force that will have 2,500 active members and 800 reservists. An international plan that paved the way for Kosovo to declare independence from Serbia on Feb. 17 says the yet-to-be-formed force will initially be responsible for crisis response and civil protection.
The Mujota clan has long been involved in weapons smuggling.
Fadil Mujota who goes by alia “Cubi” was born on July 17th, 1969, in the village of Malopoljce, Municipality of Štimlje. Prior to 1998, Mujota, together with his father Sadik and his cousin Bajrush, were engaged in the illegal trade in weapons and ammunition. He was arrested in 1993, but he soon escaped abroad. He remained in Switzerland and Germany until 1998, when he returned to Malopoljce and joined KLA, taking over the command of the terrorist group in that village.
This group was directly subordinated to the KLA General Staff located in the village of Jezerce, and organized and carried out terrorist attacks on the Štimlje-Uroševac and Štimlje-Crnoljevo routes, kidnapped and abused Albanians loyal to the Republic of Serbia (Naim Shabani, from the village of Vojnovci). Beside that, Mujota illegally crossed the border with Albania and took part in the acquisition and delivery of weapons for KLA’s use.”
And both the EU and the US are rushing to recognize Kosovo as a sovereign state, while looking between their fingers at the history of the people that make up it’s government. It’s hard to imagine such an entity developing into something positive for Europe. You only need to look to Sarajevo to see the future of Europe, the once ethnically diverse capital of Bosnia, has now become almost an exclusive Muslim city.
Funny, when someone mentions ethnic cleansing and the Balkans, it’s ALWAYS the Serbs who are fingered as the guilty ones, no one bothers to turn an eye to what the Muslims have been up to. Go ask yourself …just why is that? KGS

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