China Islam Olympics Sports Terrorism

Beijing Olympics Threatened in Video by Turkestan Islamic Party…….

The Tundra Tabloids doesn’t plan on watching the non-amateur (doping as usual) Olympic Games, but if the Isamic terrorist threat is real, then the TT will be watching for all the obvious reasons. Over at Live Leak:

In this video, a previously little known group calling itself the Turkestan Islamic Party claims it carried out several fatal bombings in the country in recent months. The group’s self-described military commander, Seyfullah, said it was responsible for incidents in Shanghai in early May and in the southern city of Kunming on July 21 that killed a total of five people. He also said the group had bombed a plastics factory in the province of Guangdong. Most ominously, he threatened to carry out further attacks during the Beijing Olympics, which are scheduled to open on August 8. Indeed, the video begins with Beijing’s Olympic logo in flames and with a grainy image of a sports facility superimposed with an animated bomb blast.

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