US Think Tank Suggests More Policing And Less Military as US Supports Massive Iraqi Attack on Al-Qaida…….

You have to hand it to the “experts”, they never fail to impress …themselves. As the TT’s commentator, TINSC says about the definition of expert; “It’s a licence to violate someone’s common sense.”

YNET: The United States should shift strategy against al-Qaeda from the current heavy reliance on military force to more effective use of police and intelligence work, a study released Tuesday concluded.

The study by the RAND Corporation, a think tank that often does work for the US military, also urged the United States to drop the “war on terror” label. “Terrorists should be perceived and described as criminals, not holy warriors, and our analysis suggests that there is no battlefield solution to terrorism,” said Seth Jones, lead author of the study.
The US military has pressed in recent weeks for more troops to combat an intensifying Islamic insurgency in Afghanistan, but the RAND study recommends only “a light military footprint or none at all.”
But wait! The US in coopertation with the Iraqi army has been busy handing Al-Qaida its turban, time and time again, and all through the brute force of military power.
Times Online: Thousands of Iraqi forces, backed by small US military teams, launched a dawn offensive today across one of Iraq’s most dangerous provinces in the latest attempt to defeat resilient pockets of al-Qaeda fighters.
Gangs of Shia insurgents are also a target of the Diyala operation, which was pre-empted by joint US-Iraqi pushes through lawless terrain to the southeast of the province that began last Friday.
Diyala, an ethnically diverse region of Sunni Arabs, Shia Arabs, Kurds and Christians, is regarded as one of al-Qaeda’s remaining strongholds in Iraq after the group was pushed out of Baghdad and the capital’s southern belts. Militants have also been squeezed by operations in the northern city of Mosul.”
As long as Al-Qaida forces can safely operate within any territory, military force is the only way to reduce their numbers, which the US, and increasingly Iraq, have shown the ability to do just that. Relying mainly on policing and intelligence is what led to 9/11, and besides, no matter what we label the War On IslamOfascism, the Jihadis could care less. Trying to reason with utopian driven religious fanatics is farcical, as it is stupid. Experts indeed! *L* KGS

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