Phyllis Chesler: Female Islam-O-kazis Proud of Their Kills…….

These women aren’t driven by despair and frustration, but by a firm belief that Islam gives them the “divine right” to murder anyone that does not conform to their way of religious thinking.
These Muslims are religious supremacists, bigots and suicidal depravities that operate outside the modern realm of logic and reason. The only way to stop them is through arrest and life imprisonment, or killing them before they can achieve detonation. *L* KGS
Phyllis Chesler: Yesterday’s huge blasts in Iraq were carried out by four different women and few infidels were involved. These women continued the centuries-old feud between Sunni and Shi’ite Muslims. If anyone still believes that women are more compassionate than men, think about this: According to the International Herald Tribune,
“The second (female-launched) attack occurred inside a tent that provided shade and rest for female marchers. The female bomber walked into the tent, sat down and, according to a police official, Abu Ali, read the Koran with the women sitting inside. When she exited the tent, she left a bag behind, and moments later, it exploded. ”
The woman sat down and prayed with them and then sent them to their deaths. I remember two films, one by my friend Pierre Rehov. Both filmmakers had interviewed Palestinian female terrorists in Israeli jails. None of the terrorists showed any remorse. Many were proud of their murderous or potentially murderous attacks. They all seemed quite religious. One woman had assumed a leadership position; she and her enforcers policed and punished the other women with enormous cruelty.
These women were ideologically empowered, both politically and theologically, to commit violence. They saw nothing wrong with doing so–just as the families of their culture see nothing wrong with honor murders. My friends: We are up against a formidable enemy who worships death, despises life, and lives only to fight. We must prove equal to the task.” More here.

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