Finnish YLE Journalist Sanna Negus Smears Israel in Evening News Report…….

Finnish state TV’s news correspondent Sanna Negus -who works out of Eygpt and covers the Palestinian-Israeli issues- deserves to be sanctioned by Israel for her habitual smear-tactic journalism when reporting on anything related to Israel.
For Sanna Negus, the complex issues surrounding the Palestinian-Israeli conflict are simplified in the following way: “I hate Israel, let me count the ways”.  A Tundra Tabloids reader, “T”, sent in the following, and asked for it to be published. The TT is more than happy to oblige him. Thanks for the heads up “T”. KGS
NOTE: The video (in Finnish) to the broadcast can be found here (forward to the 9 minute mark)
“Sanna Negus did what must be the most ridiculous smear job against Israel. The idea is that it’s hot, about 40 degrees, but the Jews won’t let the Palestinian children come and swim in the Dead Sea, for security reasons.
So the piece was filmed at the Jerico water park, which is one of 15 in the West Bank, but that was not said (there is a major pool or water park in every major city in the West Bank. ). First of all, the chance of any child wanting to or even being able to swim in the Dead Sea is about zero.

It is filled with highly chemical salts which when in the eyes or swallowed produce PAIN. Absolutely no one swims in it. The video smear also showed a sort of car check point on the highway (where I was recently by chance), to make the point that the Palestinians are not allowed to go to the Dead Sea.
Gee, wonder if it has anything to do with preventing terror attacks. This TV news piece, had 100% as its purpose to smear Israel, was inaccurate, and distorted. If you could cover it, it would be great.”

For more pictures of Palestinian children deprived from swimming scroll down for more! *L* KGS

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