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Obama The Peace Maker…….

If elected president, I will bring peace!”

Mail Online:Barack Obama has vowed to bring an end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict if he is elected President of the United States. The senator said today that he would work to bring peace into the troubled region ‘from the minute he is sworn into office.”
There it is in a nut shell. Never mind the fact that one side (the Palestinians) have yet to give up on their goal of having it all, Barack Obama is going to try and push Israel into yet another untenable position while the Palestinians demand more.
The more this guy opens his mouth, the more he sends warning signals to Israel and its supporters, as well as emboldening Israel’s sworn enemies. Novice is as novice does.

J’lem Post: “I’m here on this trip to reaffirm the special relationship between Israel and the United States and my abiding commitment to Israel’s security and my hope that I can serve as an effective partner, whether as a US senator or as president,” Obama said as he met President Shimon Peres at the President’s Residence in Jerusalem.”

Eh…yeah riiight, as he pushes that special relationship under the bus in pursuit of that mythical unicorn…peace with a hostile, genocidal enemy. But the presidential hopeful has been reportedly seen walking on water and healing the ill, so as soon as he sets his sights on the problem…”the minute he is sworn into office”, peace will reign throughout the region, bringing the world into a new age. Hallelujah! *L* KGS

NOTE: I wonder if Obama’s use of Palestinian terrorists for personal protection while in Ramallah has earned him any leverage within that organization.

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