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Stupid Act by IDF Soldier Get’s Caught on Film, The Media Salivates…….

An IDF soldier acting outside the strict legal, moral code of the IDF, “rubber bullets” a Palestinian detainee in the foot. The IDF has already taken action against the soldier -arresting him- and is currently conducting an investigation of the incident that happened a couple of weeks ago. Individual acts of stupidity do not reflect the high moral code and standards of the IDF. This will of course be prosecuted as it should be.

YNET:The incident in which an IDF soldier fired rubber bullets at a bound Palestinian who had been arrested in Naalin reached the Investigating Military Police (IMP) only after the military advocate general watched the documentation of the incident, despite the fact that it was witnessed by an Armored Corps regiment commander and several other soldiers in the vicinity.
Military officials told Ynet that the firing soldier had been arrested. According to one source, “he was questioned a short while after the incident, but only today, after the military advocate general watched the video tape, a criminal investigation was launched.
Ok, ok, he got his toe hurt, the deed was wrong and the soldier is justifiably being incarcerated for the stupid act. If this incident marks a wider us of such unprofessional like conduct by IDF soldiers, then a more thorough investigation needs to be done with better safeguards employed so such acts will not be repeated.
Of course there is the flip side to all of this, and that of course is the ways and means the demonstrators behave at their regular rendezvous at the different spots along the security fence, where they hope to clash with Israeli soldiers and border guards. These “protestors” chuck rocks at Israeli soldiers and guards that can cause as serious or worse wounds than the one shown in the above picture.
An interesting side note, the Finnish state broadcasting service, YLE, reports on the story, but fails to mention that the man was shot with a rubber bullet in the toe, given first aid by an Israeli medic, then released. Typical. When handed such a gift, they’ll play it up to the hilt.
More here. *L* KGS
UPDATE: YLE makes correction to its report: “Israelilainen ihmisoikeusjärjestö toi eilen julkisuuteen videon, jossa israelilaissotilas näyttää ampuvan pidätettyä palestiinalaista lähietäisyydeltä jalkaan ilmeisesti kumiluodilla. […] Lääkärin mukaan mies on haavoittunut hyvin lievästi, ja hänen oikean jalan varpaansa oli turvonnut. Armeijan mukaan ampuja on pidätetty ja sotilaspoliisi tutkii tapauksen.”
Translation:An Israeli human rights group released yesterday a video, in which an Israeli soldier is shown shooting and arrested Palestinian at close range in the foot, apparently with a rubber bullet. […] According to a doctor the man was very lightly wounded, the toe on his right foot was swollen. According to the army, the shooter was arrested and the military police are investigating the the incident”
Now that is a more full report, glad to see that YLE is climbing up to the Tundra Tabloids own high standard of reporting. *L* KGS

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  1. This was yesterday in the main YLE TV news. Nothing was said about rubber bullets, leaving an image that hard bullets was used as usually…

    One may ask why -or was it unclear until today?

  2. It is business as usual for the media, they rush their stories without a care for the full facts. Perhaps their corrections reflect the fact that they read the Tundra Tabloids.

  3. However, it is grossly unprofessional. It doesn’t help much to publish correction in the web after telling partial truth in the main TV news broadcast. Omitting information is lying -the more so when it is done for propaganda purposes…

  4. Being grossly unprofessional is standard operating procedures for the mainstream news media, they are way to arrogant to be bothered with the thought that they could be biased, sloppy and agenda driven.

    After sitting in a room with a panel of EIC’s from the Finnish media who strove to defend their journalistic habits, I am more convinced than ever that they are suffering from “saddled thinking”.

    They are soo blinded to the errors within their profession, as well as carrying around an ego the size of mount everest,..that any mention of criticism of their profession falls on dea ears.

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