Saudi Barbarism: ‘And The Beat Goes On’…….

This is what happens on a regular basis when a society -groomed on racial and religious superiority- believes that it has a divine right to treat foreigners, especially non-Muslims, as animals.
Hindustan Times: An Indian worker, who was allegedly manhandled by his superior for protecting his co-worker from assault, is fighting for life at a hospital in Riyadh, reports said on Saturday.
Sudheesh Kalathilparambil, hailing from Kerala, was brought to the hospital by a group of social workers that found him in critical condition in Al-Kharj, about 80km from the Saudi capital, the report said.
Sudheesh, working as a manual labourer in a construction company in Khamis Mushayt at a worksite in Barak, had to bear the brunt of his boss when he tried to save his colleagues. A supervisor of the company, an Egyptian national, began physically assaulting the workers while they were taking a short break during the work. Sudheesh intervened on his colleagues’ behalf. The supervisor then turned his rage on Sudheesh and beat him, the Arab News said in a report.

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