Irish Voters Tell Sarkozy to Get Bent…….

Just what doesn’t Sarkozy understand about the word…NO, it can’t be the “language thing” can it?

DUBLIN (AFP) – Protests greeted French President Nicolas Sarkozy as he held talks in Dublin to discuss the way forward after Ireland’s shock rejection of a key European Union treaty.
Up to 1,800 demonstrators gathered outside government offices where Sarkozy — whose country took over the EU’s six-month rotating presidency this month — was meeting with Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen.
The French leader sparked anger last week by reportedly suggesting that Ireland should vote again after its crushing rejection of the Lisbon Treaty in a June 12 referendum. But in a joint statement after the talks his Elysee office sought to downplay any tensions — while also clearly signalling his view that the treaty is not dead, as its critics claim.
The president confirmed that he respected the outcome of the Irish referendum, but welcomed the fact the ratification process is continuing in other (EU) states and expressed his commitment to the Lisbon Treaty,” it said.”
This is just another example of the totalitarian side of the EU elitists, who refuse to except the voice of the people. They know better, (they always think so, don’t they) so they’ll keep on with the voting until the electorate “gets it right”. More here. *L* KGS

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