Israel-Hezbollah Deal Under Re-examination…….

UPDATE:More reasons why the prisoner exchange with Hezbollah should not be carried out. Click here.
The exact whereabouts of missing Israeli F-4 Phantom II fighter pilot, Ron Arad, -who was downed in Lebanon on 16th October 1985- might prove to be the crucial issue that determines whether the deal transpires at all. In a prisoner swap agreement with the terrorist organization Hebollah, Israel has made the decision to swap Samir Kuntar, the “still un-apologetic” cold blooded murderer of an Israeli child, as well as four other Lebanese Shiites for the remains of Eldad Regev and Ehud Goldwasser.

No one seriously believes that the two men have remained alive during the past two years in captivity, after having been taken hostage by Hezbollah terrorists inside Israeli territory. The Hezbollah prefer to murder Israeli soldiers in cold blood then barter for their bones later on. The IslamOnazis use this kind of tactic because they know that the enemy, Israel, keeps Hezbollah prisoners according to international agreements (alive and well feed), and know that one day Israel will be ready to deal for a return of their own soldiers.

ANSAmed – TEL AVIV, JULY 8 – “The government of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert will be summoned again next week to discuss the prisoner swap agreement with the Lebanese Hezbollah mediated by Germany. The principle agreement has already been signed, but according to today¿s media, Israel is not satisfied with the report of Hezbollah on the destiny of Ron Arad, the Phantom pilot who was reported missing after falling in the area of Sidon in 1986. According to media speculations, Hezbollah write they have investigated the accident in detail and believe that Arad died in Lebanon many years ago. They claim they still do not know where he was buried. Israel insists on receiving more information such as the list of people questioned by Hezbollah in the process of writing the report.”

It’s a situation that’s loaded with a mixture of feelings, because no one can blame the families of these missing soldiers for demanding the return of their loved ones. It’s totally understandable. But the other side of the coin is that, it only serves to embolden the terrorists to keep up with the morbid practice, because for them, it’s easier to murder the soldiers and bury their bones, than it is to keep the captives alive.

Plus, the Hezbollah can count on the international community to turn a blind eye to their murdering of captive Israeli soldiers, which constitutes a war crime, so why would they ever think of discontinuing a morbid practice when they have had so much success with it? More here. *L* KGS

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