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A Quote From The Brussels Journal…….

“How one wishes to be a fly on the wall of a EuroNabob’s private get together to hear thier true opinions of such naysayers. I bet the swear-box would be full in five minutes. Still, France’s diminutive President will, nonetheless, be out and about bullying the Irish for spoiling his grand plans for France’s Presidency.
He had thought that this next six months would see France once more in its rightful place as the natural leader of Europe, handing out this fatcat job here, this little pourboire there, accepting the plaudits from a grateful Eurcracy and European political elite for a job well and truly done.
Instead he is left with having to illuminate one of Europe’s greatest phallic symbols, the Eiffel Tower, in the colours of the EU as a highly suggestive symbol of what the EU really has in mind for its handmaidens.”

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