News Flash: The EU Gets The Iranians on Board For More Talks……!

The Tundra Tabloids is so relieved that the EU is handling the negotiations with Iran. The US already has its hands full with its ongoing negotiations with N.Korea, that it couldn’t really spare any extra effort or manpower in negotiating with the Iranian government.

Just when you think that the Iranians have had enough with negotiations, EU representative Javier Solana lands a big moment not only for himself, but for the whole EU as well!

J’lem Post: “Acting on behalf of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council and Germany, the EU’s Solana offered the modified package of economic incentives to Iran during his June visit. The offer is meant to persuade Iran to halt uranium enrichment, a technology that the six world powers fear Iran could use to produce weapons. The report by state TV also says Solana thanked Iran for sending the response and for agreeing to more talks.”

Just when you think that Iran would refuse the chance to secure more EU funding, -after all that negotiating- Solana manages to get them into accepting an economic package. It’s the fruit for having talked to the EU all these years, and he got them to sign on to more talks as well! I’m sure that it was a difficult decision for the Iranians to agree to, since it means more dialogue sessions with the Europeans which can be a very tiresome affair.

But the Iranians are a tough breed, being more than up to the challenge of sitting it out with their European counterparts, as they stare each other down around that dreaded negotiating table. The West can most certainly breathe a sigh of relief, with the worst having just been by-passed. We now have a full confirmation that the Iranians are fully on board with future talks, it’s a deal that will be worth talking about in future talks to come. *L* KGS

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