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Canada’s Smallest Muslim Community Builds Largest Mosque…….

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at Canada has opened up its largest mosque to date, ironically for its smallest community of Muslims living in Calgary. The Islamic sect is reviled by much of the Muslim world for not adhering to the strict guidelines set down by the majority of Islamic religious jurisprudence. They are said to preach a more tolerant version of Islam.
al-Reuters: “The well-wishing is a far cry from the reaction in countries like Indonesia, where the government last month warned that followers of Ahmadiyya, whose slogan is “Love for All, Hatred for None,” could face jail time for tarnishing Islam.
Construction was completed in two years for just a C$15 million ($14.7 million) — a fraction of what a similar-sized project would normally cost in the booming city of more than a million people — due to volunteer labor, said Farhan Khokhar, head of communications for Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at Canada.
The Ahmadiyya sect has about 50,000 members in Canada who also plan new mosques in Brampton, Ontario; Saskatoon, Saskatchewan; and Vancouver, British Columbia.”
Normally the TT would be championing any kind of modernist version of Islam that would be more conducive to our western way of life, meaning that the adherents to that faith, the Ahmadiyya, would not pose a threat to our western liberal system of pluralistic democratic rule.
But not all is as it seems. Treating people as animals if they pose different life styles other than your own seems to be a trade mark characteristic for all the various branches of Islam.
Ahamdiyya seems to be no different in that respect than the Sunni or Shiia. Though they are called “moderates”, they do in fact have a very “radical outlook” on the orthodoxy that the overwhelming majority of Muslims belong.
I suspect that regardless of their very pro-active conversion outreach, they will in the end revert back to the same orthodoxy from whence they came. So the mosque that they have just finished building in Calgary, Canada, will more than likely one day belong to either the Sunni or Shiia sect of Islam. If it’s not strong enough to stand against the more mainstream (extremist version) of Islam…..it’s doomed to fail. *L* KGS

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