Saeb Erekat: Peace in Six Months……!

That’s right folks! Brought to you by the chief negotiator for the Palestinians, peace is in sight!

We are supposed to believe that a permanent peace between the two sides is acheviable while the Palestinians incite their people, especially their youth to wage war against Israel. Yeah riiight.

“If we want a peace agreement – there are only six months left. This is the time to make decisions,” Saeb Erekat said on Thursday evening.

Speaking at a conference organized by the ‘Peres Center for Peace’ at Tel Aviv University, the top negotiator for the Palestinian Authority was joined for a discussion on the recent renewal of Israeli negotiations with Syria by MK Yossi Beilin (Meretz) and former director-general of the Foreign Affairs Ministry, Dr. Alon Liel.

“Our goal is to reach an agreement. Regarding the core issues: Jerusalem, the refugees and the borders – all these have solutions. This is the time for decisiveness. We will not go back to talks over temporary arrangements or temporary border, we intend to reach an agreement and this is possible for all the core issues. We need to make decisions, and (Prime Minister) Olmert and (Palestinian President) Abbas are capable of making them.”

Got that? There are only six months left, or in other words, six months left until a new US president is elected. The only decisions the Arabs and there supporters want to hear, is that Israel is prepared to make many more concessions until the Arabs are pleased with Israel’s full appeasement to all their demnads.

I hate to be the nay-sayer to all this, but until the Palestinians end the incitement of Israel and Jews, and start preparing their people for peace, not war, as well as building a decent democratic government founded on the rule of law, the war will go on. More here. *L* KGS

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