Kicking Oslo’s Dead Horse in The Streets of Tel Aviv…….

What is to be said of someone who would rather choose to repeat a disaster than to learn from one? The Tundra Tabloids deems the label of “Cognizant Fool”, as an appropriate term for such a person.

A cognizant fool is someone who knows better but would nonetheless choose ideology over common sense. Now with that in mind, take a look at what the protesters are saying in the streets of Tel Aviv.

“Only Peace Will Cease The Fire”

Hundreds of people marched on Saturday along Tel Aviv’s Rothschild Boulevard to Meir Garden to protest the 41st year of the Israeli occupation and the incessant rocket attacks on the country’s southern region. Demonstrators carried signs reading “Children in Gaza and Sderot want to live” and “End the siege on Gaza”.

Among those who took part in the rally was Knesset Member Dov Khenin of the leftist Hadash party, who told Ynet that “the purpose of this demonstration is to warn of two possible wars – a ‘small war’ in Gaza, and the larger regional war with Iran, which (Transportation Minister Shaul) Mofaz speaks of. The latter may result in a large-scale catastrophe.

There is an alternative to fighting,” the MK continued, “we can reach a ceasefire agreement and subsequent calm in Gaza; we can discuss a prisoner exchange deal similar to the one that was struck this past week (between Israel and Hizbullah). “We must advance the negotiations with the Palestinians and Syria and base them on the implementation of the Arab peace initiative. Life here must be based on dialogue and negotiation rather than fighting,” Khenin said. YNET More here.

These people are of course exercising their right to march in public and expose themselves as morons, because they’re doing so with the full knowledge that the policy they’re promoting, has been tried before and failed miserably. What they are doing, is publicly kicking the dead horse of Oslo, in the vain hope that this time around, the policy of “peace first will beget the much sought after security” will somehow magically work, in spite of the historical evidence that suggests the contrary.

The Oslo “peace process” was built along the premise that negotiations alone would create the needed momentum to produce the badly needed self governance for the Palestinians, which would in turn bring stability and thereby addressing Israeli security concerns. It all failed miserably because for the Palestinians (then and now), achieving more land and self governance through Israeli concessions, meant an opportunity to wage more war from those same areas against Israel for even more concessions.

Israel learned from that time period, which saw a marketed increase in the violence and mayhem directed towards Israel with every relinquishing of land and responsibility to Yasser Arafat and the Palestinian Authority. It only served to heighten their expectations on eventually getting all of the real estate currently known as the state of Israel. These assorted bunch of misguided Leftists are spitting against the wind with the vain hope that it won’t come back into their faces, in spite of the fact that they know it will. Go figure. *L* KGS

NOTE: Please take note of the Soviet memorabilia noticeable in the protesters arsenal. That more than anything else, tells of the mindset of those protesting in the streets of Tel Aviv.

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