Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini Has a Vision…….

Let us reflect upon the words of the Italian FM for a moment.


ANSAmed – ROME, JUNE 6 – Israel in the European Union would be “a great dream” and is “a political objective” on which “to reflect”. For now Italy will propose to Israel a quality jump in the relations through creation “of a structured political dialogue” and a “table of permanent strategic reflection”, Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini, told Radio Radicale.

After having specified that the proposal will be formalised during talks in Rome on June 12 with Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, the Italian foreign minister also guaranteed that Italy “will fight” at the EU Commission in order that the level of relations between the EU and Israel is “increased”.

It might be that the Italian FM is truly representing the well intentioned views of his Italian government, but the very idea that Israel would even consider joining the EU especially during the height of the EU’s own colonization by Muslim states…is down right laughable. Why on earth would Israel even contemplate such a move as the EU embarks on a foolish policy of allowing mass immigration of Muslims into Europe, all the while it actively engages the Turkish state for future membership as well?

Besides, I believe that Israel has clearly stated its intentions on numerous occasions on remaining a Jewish state, which would by the way, be severely compromised if it were to hand over its sovereignty to Brussels.

The Italians are being extremely naive and silly with this kind of talk, someone should kindly take Berlusconi by the hand and politely talk some sense into him. Thanks, but no thanks. *L* KGS

H/T Baron Bodissey

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