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IDF: Beit Hanoun Tragedy Was Not Our Fult…….

In order to get to the truth, you have to wait the needed 24-48 hrs in order for the IDF to be able to sift through the evidence. The IAF recorded video of the two terrorists targeted by Israeli missiles, and the subsequent blast that resulted from the explosives being carried on the back of one of the men.

A blast in northern Gaza that killed a Palestinian mother and her four children on Monday was not caused by the Israeli Air Force, a probe into the explosion conducted by the IDF Southern Command concluded on Friday.

According to the findings of the probe four terrorists were spotted carrying weaponry and explosives on their backs. The IAF fire was on target and only hit the armed terrorists. As a result there occurred secondary explosions which destroyed the home and killed the mother and her children.

The IDF probe ruled out the possibility that the family was hit by IDF fire. The IDF probe also revealed that the secondary explosion was far greater than the type of explosion caused by the initial IDF bombing and the munitions it had used.

Tragic? Yes. But the responsibility of the deaths of the innocent rests with the terrorists themselves, who choose to operate within civilian population centers. Walking around in a suburban area with high explosives attached to ones back, speaks of gross negligence and wanton disregard for the safety of civilians. To bad the Finnish MSM won’t report it that way.

If by chance a news outlet will correctly report it, I’ll break out ol‘ squeaky the flying pig in its honor. More here. *L* LGS

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