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Hamas Upping The Ante With Bomber Drones……?

Hamas: Can’t wait to get our hands on that!

Report: Hamas trying to develop explosive UAV

Ynet: Palestinian terror group collaborating with Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt on obtaining or developing drones that could be used against Israel, state-run Cairo paper a-Ahram reports.

The Egyptian authorities are investigating the possibility that Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood are cooperating on the development of explosive drones, state-run Egyptian newspaper al-Ahram reported Saturday.

Egyptian security forces detained four people and have accused them of plotting to buy fuel for a pilotless aircraft for Hamas, security sources said on Saturday. Two of those detained were members of Egypt’s opposition Muslim Brotherhood.

Oh my, the Hamas is working with their Egyptian cousins, the Muslim Brotherhood? I’m shocked, shocked I tell you! So much for the effects of the political arena, which is supposed to have some kind of magical moderating force on radical groups. Supposedly, the introduction to the mundane running of society is to have a mollifying effect on the jihadi/islamists. A yeah….


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