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Wonder Carter Watch: A Temporary Truce is Worth my Being Exploited…….

Come on Wonder Carter, just what don’t you understand about temporary truces and an Islamist agenda that seeks the total destruction of Israel? Try using some of your wonder powers to increase the size of your peanut brain.
J’lem Post: Former US President Carter defied US and Israeli warnings and met twice this weekend with the exiled leader of Hamas and his deputy, two men the US government has labeled terrorists and Israel accuses of masterminding attacks that have killed hundreds of civilians.
Carter met Mashaal and his deputy, Moussa Abu Marzouk, again for about an hour Saturday morning, after more than four hours of talks the night before.

“Several subjects were discussed, including [Israeli-Palestinian] crossing points, [captured Israeli soldier Gilad] Schalit, the siege on the Palestinians and a cease-fire between Hamas and Israel,” Abu Marzouk said Saturday.”
The man in drag is a walking international hazard who has a consistent record of mucking things up for elected governments. I like what Rep. Sue Myrick, R-N.C had to say about Carter, she called for the State Department “to revoke the former president’s passport.” The man is (thankfully) an unelected, private citizen, who shouldn’t be seen as being a third arm of US foreign policy, especially when he’s riding on his position of being a former US president.
Not only is the Bush administration against his “mission”, but also the Arab friendly US State Department, whose spokesman Sean McCormack suggested Friday:
“that Carter had opened himself up to “exploitation” by both Hamas and the Syrian government. “We find it very odd that one would encourage having a conversation between the Israeli government and Hamas, which doesn’t even recognize the right of the Israeli government to exist,” McCormack said. “Is that really the basis of a conversation?”
By giving such a high profile credibility to the Islamist terrorists, Carter’s visits only serve to increase their intransigence, not their moderation. The Hamas needs to be totally and utterly sidelined no matter how long it takes. It’s high time that the US State Department reels in this old bumbler before he does even more damage to an already tense situation. *L* KGS

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  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. There is nothing worse than an old “Has-Been” who wants to be in the limelight again. I am beginning to think of Carter has an enemy of the United States. He causes more problems for us Americans than bringing about any solutions. And talk about stubborn – even though he was asked not to meet with Hamas – he did it anyway. Well, maybe he is not stubborn – just senile or has eaten too many peanuts. I am so ashamed that he is a Southener. We are usually so much smarter than that.

  2. Thanks Old Gray Mare, I second your sentiments. Thanks for stopping by!

    As for Eric, what can I say than…go try and speak to a hardened “gang banger” about the need to better oneself through education.

  3. You have a picture of Carter as Wonder Woman, and speak of his peanut brain. He doesn’t wear a Wonder Woman costume and he isn’t stupid – so on a fundamental level you’ve misunderstood what’s happening. It’s difficult to recover from there.

    I’d just like to say that he is one of the few people I know of who are truly working for peace. His tactics don’t include weapons, only the goal of understanding. Once that is in place, an actual peace process with solid agreements can begin.

    I understand you don’t like Carter. That’s obvious. I can only encourage you to take an honest second look at what the man does to help you have a peaceful life.

    Carter isn’t the problem. He’s a solution. The problem is the states who sanction violence. There’s the problem. Be against that, not someone seeking peace.

    Lastly, have you seen the latest headlines? “Hamas ready for peace”. Pretty cool, eh?

  4. Muslims Against Sharia Urge Support for Sue Myrick’s “Wake Up America” Initiative

    Wake Up America

    1. Investigate all military chaplains endorsed by Abdurahman Alamoudi, who was imprisoned for funding a terrorist organization.

    2. Investigate all prison chaplains endorsed by Alamoudi.

    3. Investigate the selection process of Arabic translators working for the Pentagon and the FBI.

    4. Examine the non-profit status of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

    5. Make it an act of sedition or solicitation of treason to preach or publish materials that call for the deaths of Americans.

    6. Audit sovereign wealth funds in the United States.

    7. Cancel scholarship student visa program with Saudi Arabia until they reform their text books, which she claims preach hatred and violence against non-Muslims.

    8. Restrict religious visas for imams who come from countries that don’t allow reciprocal visits by non-Muslim clergy.

    9. Cancel contracts to train Saudi police and security in U.S. counterterrorism tactics.

    10. Block the sale of sensitive military munitions to Saudi Arabia.

    Muslims Against Sharia urge every American to send a letter of support to Congresswoman Myrick. Sample letter is provided below.


    The Honorable Sue Myrick
    230 Cannon House Office Building
    Washington, D.C. 20515
    Phone:(202) 225-1976
    Fax:(202) 225-3389

    Dear Congresswoman Myrick,

    As an American who is concerned with issue of terrorism, I applaud your efforts to prevent radical Islam from infiltrating American society. I wholeheartedly support your “Wake Up America” plan, as well as other initiatives of The Anti-Terrorism Caucus. You bring honor to the title of the United States Representative.


    Contact info (optional)


    Please print out, sign, and mail or fax this letter to Congresswoman Myrick at the address / fax above. Feel free to modify the letter as you see fit.

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