Britain Islamic Intolerance

British Fanatic Muslim Preacher Found Guilty…….

Izzadeen was a follower of the radical cleric Omar Bakri Mohammed, who was denied entrance back into the UK after traveling to Lebanon in 2005. The poison he spread in Britain is still manifesting itself years after his departure.

Izzadeen was found guilty of incitement to terrorism abroad along with three of his associates, Abdul Rehman Saleem, also known as Abu Yahya, the convert Simon Keeler, also known as Suliman Keeler, and Ibrahim Abdullah Hassan.

Brooks, Keeler and two other men, Shah Jalal Hussain and Abdul Muhid were found guilty of collecting money for terrorists in Iraq. Hussain skipped bail while the jury were deliberating and is now on the run. The group delivered a series of speeches from the middle of the mosque in November 2004, which coincided with a night of the Muslim festival of Ramadan known as the “Night of Power.”

They were found on a DVD lasting nearly five hours in which Brooks told his followers: “Allah will remove all the kufr [disbelief] from the earth, and how? With dua [prayers] or with some books? No my dear Muslim brothers with jihad for the sake of Allah…So we are terrorists, terrify the enemies of Allah.”

Brooks said anybody who sought “dignity outside of shariah [Islamic law]” would be “humiliated.”

In another speech, recorded two years later in Small Heath, Birmingham, Brooks asked his audience; “Are you ready for another 7/7?” Jonathan Laidlaw QC, prosecuting, said this time Brooks was trying not to break a new terrorism law, making it illegal to “glorify terrorism.”

Well he has been now finally convicted of incitement to terrorism abroad, and is soon scheduled to be sentenced. The Tundra Tabloids hopes that the British justice system throws the book at him, keeping him locked up for many years to come. Here is a video of his famous outburst at British Home Secretary John Reid while he was giving a speech in Forest Gate, East London, on fundamentalism. It’s a real classic that shows frothing at the mouth intolerance at its worst. More here. *L* KGS

Source: LGF

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