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Jihadi Kidnapping Alert For Jews Vacationing in The Sinai…….

They never rest.

(ANSAmed) – TEL AVIV, APRIL 16 – Israeli tourists who travel to the Sinai (Egypt) risk to be kidnapped by the Bedouins, delivered to the Palestinian militants and taken to Gaza ”within three hours, without anybody noticing”, Nitzan Nuriel, chief of the terrorism monitoring Centre (Lotar), said. Nuriel launched two days ago a dramatic appeal to the Israeli citizens not to visit the Sinai on the occasion of the Jewish Easter holidays, starting on Saturday. In the past, the Easter holidays were the chance for tens of thousands of Israelis to take a relaxing break on the Red Sea.

Further proof that the Islamists do not have their co-religionsts’ best interests at heart. In what could be an expansion of economic progress and development for the Egyptians due to Israeli tourism, turns out to be but a trickle, of those who dare to reject the sound wisdom in staying away from the Red Sea area.
The Islamists could actually care less about the private welfare of the average Muslim, just like the Hamas and Hezbollah, the Taliban and the Somali Islamic Courts. It’s their ideology and lust for power that drives them to fight against anybody who longs for peace and prosperity, both Muslim and non-Muslim alike. The article goes on further to add:
Yesterday the Egyptian mass media informed of an ongoing chase in the attempt to neutralise some terrorist cells. In Israel it is said that those cells appear to be connected to Al Qaeda but they are not the primary cause of Lotar’s alerts. The Israeli intelligence services are worried about the activities of other cells linked to Palestinian armed groups, ”which are like ticking bombs” for the Israeli tourists. They might try to kidnap them or carry out terrorist attacks against them. A further hypothesis is that they try to infiltrate into Israel by crossing the border with Egypt.
So Al Qaida is mixed up with Palestinian terrorists, nothing surprising in that, Israel has always been on the front lines in fighting against Islamist extremism. It’s only logical that the West, especially the Europeans, should be more sympathetic and understanding of Israel, as well as learn from its expertice in fighting against the jihad. *L* KGS
NOTE: The Jewish religious holiday is called Passover, or Pesach, not Easter, though both may sometimes fall on the same dates. The Christian holiday has its roots in the Jewish religious one, not the other way around.

H/T Baron Bodissey

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