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Israeli Arab Represents Fifth Column at Doha Forum in Qatar…….

Time to kick this traitor out of politics and out of Israel.

“Israeli-Arab Knesset Member registered at Qatar conference as representative of ‘Palestine’ along with PA officials. Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister Majalli Whbee says he will take matter to Ethics Committee. Tibi defends listing, says invitations to conference were for ‘individuals, not nations’.”
MK Ahmad Tibi has a history of being an unapologetic supporter of Arab terrorists, like the late PFLP ringleader Mustafa Zibri. Tibi warned Israel back in 2002 that:
“…whoever approved the killing of the Palestinian militant would be responsible for the deaths of dozens of Israelis that would follow. A statement issued by the leadership of the Arab Israeli community, which includes Arab MKs, read: We warned against Israel’s policies of aggression against the Palestinian people and their leaders in the past, and we warn again today that these policies and the ongoing occupation are the sources of all the violence.”
No matter what differences Tibi may have with the policies of the Israeli government, he clearly is a man who puts his own ideology above the safety of his own fellow citizens. He is clearly against Israel’s own right to target terrorists that aim to do harm against the people of his own country. He’s a traitor and shouldn’t be allowed to continue in Israeli politics.
But I’m sure that this man would find no problem with his being a traitor. More here. *L* KGS

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