Britain Dhimmitude Saudi Arabia

Court Slaps British Authorities For Bowing to The Saudis…….

British authorities wanting to refrain from angering the Saudis over an investigation into corruption, were given a thorough slapping (read = reprimand) for allowing a foreign power to exert its influence in an ongoing inquiry.

LONDON: The High Court ruled Thursday that prosecutors investigating alleged corruption in a multibillion-dollar arms deal with Saudi Arabia acted unlawfully when they dropped the inquiry under pressure from the British government. The court also assailed Saudi officials for allegedly attempting to “interfere with the course of justice” in Britain.

In both tone and substance, the ruling delivered an extraordinary judicial rebuke to the British and Saudi authorities and renewed pressure on the Serious Fraud Office to reopen the investigation into the relationship between BAE Systems, Britain’s biggest weapons maker, and the royal family in Saudi Arabia.

The Serious Fraud Office announced in December 2006 that it was halting the inquiry after the government, then led by Prime Minister Tony Blair, said the inquiry would damage Britain’s intelligence cooperation with Saudi Arabia in the struggle against Al Qaeda. Opponents of the decision said the British authorities had been pressured by Saudi officials. Blair said the investigation would threaten thousands of British jobs and affect diplomatic and intelligence ties with Saudi Arabia.

Totally outrageous behaviour by the Blair government, which is most likely to be understood by the Saudis as the proper -subservient- role for the infidel. The next step is to try and get the infidel to approach on all fours, which wouldn’t be as hard of a feat as one might think, many appear to be willing to do just that. More here. *L* KGS

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