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Greek-Turkish Wedding Ends in Divorce…….

You truly can’t make this stuff up. Thanks to the Baron for sending the link. *L* KGS
NAPLES, APRIL 8 Greek citizen Mihailis Kutsakiozis married last Saturday Turkish citizen Seval Kelebik in the Aegean town of Ayvalik, Turkey. An event which seemed to be a signal of reconciliation, but the historic conflict opposing these two peoples arose again all of a sudden: the wedding had lasted a little more than half an hour when the newly-married decided to file for divorce.
Greece and Turkey have had for centuries conflicting relations that range back from the Ottoman occupation of Greece to the Cyprus issue which is being resolved as late as recent times. According to today’s Zaman, right after having pronounced the ritual ‘I do’, the bridegroom showed a picture of his father, stating that he was killed by a Turk years ago. This triggered the rage of the Turks guests. The groom, who had declared his wish to spend all his life with young Seval if only the latter wished so, was expatriated right afterwards by the Turkish police.

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  1. what a load of bollocks! they should all just get over it! im a turk with a greek girlfriend and we're going to make it

  2. I am greek and I am engaged with a turkish guy and we are going to make it:) i think that we as greeks should get over what happened these staff are history, we have so close culture and we are kind of the same people.

  3. i am Greek and i am terribly in love with my Turkish boyfriend! the whole story sounds so funny, but the reality sometimes hurts as people are propagandized when at school! If you read the way the history books are written you will realize that it's all about propaganda and power for the powerful of both sides!

  4. Lol im greek and im with a turkish girl and we are madly in love . no more haterzzzzzz

  5. Great that you're in love with a turkish girl, but be honests, has she introduced you to her parents and relatives?

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