Buffoonery Israeli/Palestinian Conflict

Terrorist Marwan Barghouti: I Want Peace…….

And the useful stooges will come a running.

J’lem Post: “Jailed Tanzim leader Marwan Barghouti called for a comprehensive cease-fire and affirmed his support for a two-state solution in a message he sent to Israelis on the eve of Peace Now’s 30th anniversary event in Tel Aviv, being held Tuesday.

“We have to reach a comprehensive cease-fire that involves both sides as soon as possible,” he wrote in a letter that reached Peace Now on Monday night and will be read aloud on Tuesday.”

All Marwan Barghouti has to do for people (peace activists) to forget just what kind of man he is, and his real agenda, is to wave a meaningless statement on paper about being in favor of the “two state solution”. They’ll come a running without a thought about all the similar “peaceful sounding statements issued in the past that eventually led to years of Palestinian terrorist attacks coupled with a policy of intentional political intransigence.

This is a man that ordered, funded and carried out the cold blooded murders of Israeli civilians at a time when Israel was relinquishing more and more territory to Palestinian control in conjunction with signed agreements. The man is just one more terrorist thug, in a very long line of terrorist thugs, that is prepared to say anything in order to divide Israeli public opinion. He is no peace activist.

“In his letter, Barghouti wrote, “I am ready, as is an overwhelming majority of the Palestinian nation, for an historic [reconciliation] based on international decisions, that will insure that two nations, Palestinians and Israelis, will live side by side in peace and security.” He noted that he was among those jailed leaders along with those from Hamas and the Islamic Jihad who had forged the Prisoners’ Document, which supported negotiations with Israel toward a final-status agreement.”

Nonsense. If Marwan Barghouti had indeed undergone a complete makeover of his political aims, which is the eventual destruction of the Jewish state, he would have been calling for the end of incitement against Israel and Jews in the Palestinian Authority’s governmental apparatus, which includes its mosques, media, schools and official statements.

The man has done nothing, which is exactly what Mahmoud Abbas has done since becoming president of the P.A.. Barghouti’s statements for “peace” are just as empty, but the West, especially the Europeans, refuse to hold the Palestinians accountable for the “other statements” they issue with consistent regularity, which amount to threats of more violence against Israel if the Jewish state does not accept their maximalist demands.

There has never been a statement issued by Barghouti, or Abbas for that matter, about accepting the Jewish character of the state of Israel, nor a rejection of the call for the return to Israel of the 200 000 actual refugees and their millions of descendants. There has never been a statement issued by Barghouti or Abbas that rejects the indoctrination of their youth with jihad against Israel, yet Israel is supposed to take “his word” that he’s now a reformed Palestinian politician who’s just interested in ending the conflict once and for all.

If the man can’t even mouth the words to stop the violent incitement against Israel and Jews, how could he be ever trusted to preach peace once he’s released? Once again the Palestinians are mouthing the “right sounding words” for the useful stooges to come a running to their aid, only to snatch away their promises as soon as they find the moment of opportunity. It’s a very worn out scenario that keeps repeating itself as long as there are plenty of “useful stooges” left to fool. More here. *L* KGS

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