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Al-Azhar Institute Gets A Toehold in Denmark…….

The Danes need the Al-Azhar Institute like they need to be taught how to brew beer. The Al-Azhar Institute has nothing to offer Danish society, but a highly mixed message of al-Taqqiya and disingenuously disguised Islamic monoculturalism. The Danish PC crowd will of course eat it up like there is no tomorrow, but don’t kid yourself, there are many Danes that will refuse to be fooled.

ANSAmed – CAIRO, APRIL 7 – Danish authorities have approved the establishment of an Azhar institute in Denmark to teach the Islamic religion, confront misconceptions about Islam and explain the true Islam to the European society. The Islamic community in Denmark received initial approvals from authorities for the establishment of the institute, said Al Azhar Undersecretary Sheikh Abdel-Fattah Allam.

What a pile of steaming crapola. Their chief aim is not to explain true Islam, for to do that they would be driving even more Danes to hold negative views of -a still yet to be reformed- Islam. No, what they really envisage with the scheme, is to hold seminars and meetings with the naive sector of Danish society, and hopefully fill their minds up with half truths and outright lies about what Islam and its sharia law “are really all about”.

Seeing that this is the same institute whose sheikh, Muhammad Sayyed Tantawi, issued fatwas against Coalition forces -who were at the time busy toppling the brutal regime of Saddam Hussein in 2003- one can rest assured that Al-Azhar does not embody the type of moderate Islam that the West is seeking to support. This is a big step backwards.

But on the other hand the move might result in a major backlash against both the government’s decision and the institute itself, when the Institute in Denmark becomes an established fact. Once their programs become known, seminars announced and press releases issued, the Al-Azhar Institute could become a major lightening rod for pro-democratic/free speech advocates in the Danish public discourse. Given the Danes’ penchant for confronting mindless PC politics and loony Muslim edicts, this could get really interesting indeed. More here. *L* KGS

H/T Baron Bodissey

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