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Saudi Mufti: I Ain’t Invited No Israeli Rabbis…….

Straight from the Islamic religious tolerance file, comes this zinger of a line:
I ask all of you (the media) to check all facts before publishing“.

Hold on there Mr. Mufti, you should give them some slack, the media was probably just giving you the benefit of the doubt, seeing that Saudi Arabia is the guardian of the Islamic faith and that Islam is supposedly the religion of peace. Besides you old rascal, you should know better than to ask the media to check all of their facts before publishing, nor expect them to do so. *L* KGS

Riyadh – Saudi Arabia’s Mufti Sheikh Abdul-Aziz al-Sheikh on Wednesday denied reports that he has invited Israeli rabbis to attend a conference on inter-religious dialogue in Riyadh. Al-Sheikh, Saudi Arabia’s highest religious authority, said in a press statement that all reports concerning a Saudi invitation to Israeli rabbis are “incorrect.”

“I ask all of you (the media) to check all facts before publishing,” the Saudi mufti said. On Monday, Israeli radio reported that the Saudi mufti has invited a number of Israeli rabbis to participate in a summit about religious reconciliation.

Earlier, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia announced plans to host a conference that would create religious dialogue between the monotheistic religions, Islam, Christianity and Judaism. Saudi Arabia has no diplomatic ties with Israel. Any religious relations between Saudi Imams and Israeli rabbis would be considered an unprecedented move in the Middle East.

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