Hamas Palestinian Child Abuse

Hamas TV Run by Degenerates…….

From the “you can’t make this stuff up if you tried” file, here is a video of Hamas doing what it knows how to do best. No, it has nothing to do with science or geography, mathematics or the arts, sports or basketweaving….but the brainwashing of its youth with violence, murder and mayhem.

Muslim child kills US president.

Sick bastards every one of them.

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  1. The skit starts off with the usual long list of grievances real or imagined (mostly imagined). Then something amazing happens: President Bush offers to make ammends. He says he’ll do anything the little boy wants. He’ll invite him and all his friends to the White House where there will be food and toys. He says he’ll talk. President Bush offeres ANYTHING the little boy wants.

    The boy laughs at the President’s offer. At this point, the little boy reveals the REAL reason he wants to slay President Bush: President Bush is “impure”, a kuffar.

    You see, this is Islamo-Fascism’s jihad in a nutshell. There is nothing we can give them. We can’t give them money, food, clean water, or even land because we are “impure”. There is no sense in negotiating as they don’t want to negotiate. They don’t even want to negotiate our surrender. They want us to die because we are “impure”.

    The list of grievances offered by Islamo-Fascists are just window dressing for useful idiots in the chattering classes. We are left to believe that the Islamo-Fascists’ actions are rational. They are not and this skit, if observed carefully demonstrates it.

    You might want to check out the link on MEMRI for a more elaborate translation and transcript of the skit.

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