Austrian Politician Who Called Muhammad a ‘Child Molester’ Indicted…….

One step forward and two steps back. According to a TT correspondent, ESW, Susanne Winter, the Austrian politician who called Islam’s prophet Mohamed a child molester, “has been indicted on charges of degradation of religious symbols, religious agitation which carries a maximum sentence of two years.”
Here we go again with the state determining what is haram and what is halal concerning the criticism of Islam. Was Mohamed a paedophile by today’s standards….absolutely. Should someone, regardless of whether for political reasons or not, be indicted for defaming a man that has been dead for over 1500 years. Definitely not.
If a politician is speaking ill about some one’s religion just for the sake of being mean spirited, they should be held accountable within the op-ed sections of the newspapers and in public debates. They should be shown through facts, where they have erred, not forced into silence through the strong arm tactics of the morality courts. ESW promises more details as they emerge.


UPDATE: ESW sends the following translation of the Austrian statute for incitement against a racial group.

c.) Incitement
By virtue of § 283 of the StGB, a person is deemed culpable of incitement:

(1) who incites or instigates in a manner liable to jeopardise public order an inimical act against a church or religious community established in the country or against a group determined by their affiliation to such a church or religious community, or to a race, people, tribe or state, or

(2) who agitates against or insults in a manner defamatory to human dignity or endeavours to condemn one of the groups defined in para.

(1). The crime is liable to a term of imprisonment of up to two years.

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