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Fitna Video Released, Comment Section Relfect Muslim’s Warped View of Islamic History…….

Well it didn’t take long for the Islamic apologists to come out of the woodwork to defend the indefensible, Islam’s history of murder and mayhem.

From the comment section comes an anonymous comment in support of the Qur’an and the prophet of Islam who refuses to acknowledge the violence done in the name of his/her religion as terrorism.

In a move “to remove” any form of guilt over the murder of over 270 000 000 non-believers over the course of history by the followers of Islam, the commenter takes a stab at the US as the chief villain. He or she….. fails miserably in proving the point.

Anonymous: How ironic it is!!and how all the nonmuslims are hating islam just because it’s the real and right religion :hhhh Terror?? what is USA doing in Iraq, Israel doing in Palestine, USA doing in Vitnam and what, what… let’s name it – what should we call it? freedom? or..happiness life?Look into yourself, Look for yourself inside, and read the will know what islam means!!! I’m proud to be muslim,and proud to be Muhammad prophet belonger:the glory person that gave freedom to all nations!

KGS: Your own words betray yourself and you religious ideals. Iraq has been a place of genocide for decades under Hussein, and the very same mindset continues through your terrorist coreligionists. The Palestinians, especially Hamas and ilk, make open statements of their desire to inflict another Holocaust on the Jews, as well as Iran’s Ahmadinejad, this is obviously of little concern for you.

Vietnam was a bloodbath due to your fellow utopian buddies, the Communists, who showed their real disdain for human life after the US left the region, murdering over 2.5 million Asians. The only thing America has offered the world, is a chance to build a decent life in freedom and liberty, that’s why it continues to be the THE top place to immigrate to.

I see no mass flow of immigration to the Levant, or Mahgreb….that speaks volumes to me.

Your religion is responsible for the murder of over 270 000 000 non-Muslims, or Kaffirs as you call them, so don’t come here preaching your nonsense about how great Islam is, the bodies of those who have fallen victim because of it, speaks otherwise.

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  1. Know what? It’s silly to discuss with someone that faking history, and only discussing from hating motivation,not objective one.
    It’s a matter of who born first:
    chicken or egg?

    Why Europe conqured all middle east countries in the past century? And still you have’nt answer the Q: What Jews did for Palistine in 1948-67 ?

    It’s not issue with the Islam, It’s only you fears from Islam that spreading like wings over Europe and world,and gain miliions of new belongers NOW (Is it done by sword ?).

    I’m from Natzereth, and regarding your old Q about kill in Hevron:
    simple:) : Jews settlers went to Hevron,destroyed houses,stole lands,and drove away muslims.
    Is it weird why Muslims need their land and home back ????!

    you simply say: “we conqured lands: why the owners kill us,while we dont ?”

    Really Ironic !!

  2. And if we’re already talking about History, Go reading about the Impire of Islam and how muslims behave to nonmuslims.

    they anyime destroyed churchs,synagogues. they respect them and give them the all mercy needed, WHILE, in the same ages, the Catholic church killed million of millions even from it’s belongers.

    Read the history about all Islam imperiors- and will see How Islam is great religion, and also will understand why million of peoples are being muslims today !!!

  3. Listen up.

    1.) Whining about Arab victimization falls on deafs ears. The Arab world has had its hands deep into Nazi Socialist Facsim and were in spite of that, bailed out by the Allied forces during WWII.

    The West has gone to bat for the Somalis, the Bosnians and for the Kuwaitis as well as for the Iraqis, in its driving Saddam Hussein from power, and trying to install civility in that despotic portion of the world.

    The West drove out the Taliban and has been since that time, trying to ensure a decent civilized form og government is left standing.

    Stop being ungrateful.

    2.) Jews have lived in Hebron from time immemorial, if you want to talk about driving people out, you need to look no further than the Riots of 1929 in which Jews were massacred by roving Arab mobs.

    3.) what Israel did for Palestine was to break once and for the institutionalized practice of serfdom for hundreds of thousands of Arabs, in their purchace of swmap land that they turnded through hard work into something useable, and allowing the effendi Arabs who helped till the land, earn a good living and be free from borrowing money from the money lenders that usually drove them either into bankruptcy or flight to elsewhere.

    If not for the state of Israel, there wouldn’t be any talk of a Palestinian state, especially if the nascent Jewish state would have been defeated by the invading armies of Egypt, Syria and Jordan.

    There would have never been a parcel of land being set aside for the “Palestinians” if Israel was destroyed in 48′. Most likely nothing will ever convince you that you’re not the eternal victim… but you must certainly ask yourself, if the dream of a Palestinian state was always the Arabs cheif goal, why then didn’t Jordan and Egypt create one during the 20 years they had the WB and Gaza illegally under their control?

    4.) The fate of the dhimmi under Islamic rule has always varied from time to time as each era brought in new rulers and policies. But the overwhelming precentage of the non-Mulsims were grossly discriminated against, were never afforded true equality and were forced by your prophet to be “humiliated” while paying the jizya tax. It wasn’t enough that they had to pay the grossly unfair, discriminating tax, but htey were to be humiliated while paying it.

    The grossly unjust dhimmi institution was set up to convince the non-Muslim that to remain a non-Muslim was to experience an unjust existence, another form of forced conversion. Your religion has meant untold suffering for the 270 000 000 non-Muslim murdered in the name of Islam.

    If you want to feel sorry for the suffering of others, start with feeling sorry for these people who were killed simply for not wanting to be Islamic.

    Feel sorry for the Islamic slave trade in which millions of not only black Africans but many more European “white” slaves were taken, or the bitter end for 9 out of every ten eunachs casterated so they could stand guard in the harems filled with slave women.

    Read more about your Islamic imperialist history then get back to me about who has wronged who. No Islamic leader to date has ever apologized for the treatment of dhimmis, and of slaves and of the brutal system of Jihad war that wiped out the majority of the Christians from the Middle East.

    Its still going on in the WB and Gaza, with Christians being murdered because they refuse to convert to Islam or fight for their rights as equals.

    So any whining about “what the west has done to us” falls on deaf ears, until you admit the atrocities done in the name of your religion.

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