Fitna Wilders

Wilders Quran Movie ‘Fitna’ Has Arrived……Maybe

CONFIRMED. Due to heavy interest, the video might take awhile to download. *L* KGS

Thanks to the Baron for the heads up on the video link. There is some doubt now no doubt as to whether it is indeed the actual video by Wilders, it has been confirmed. Stay tuned for more info. *L* KGS

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  1. How ironic it is!!
    and how all the nonmuslims are hating islam just because it’s the real and right religion :
    hhhh Terror?? what is USA doing in Iraq, Israel doing in Palestine, USA doing in Vitnam and what, what… let’s name it – what should we call it? freedom? or..happiness life?

    Look into yourself, Look for yourself inside, and read the will know what islam means!!!
    I’m proud to be muslim,and proud to be Muhammad prophet belonger:
    the glory person that gave freedom to all nations!

  2. Your own words betray yourself and you religious ideals. Iraq has been a place of genocide for decades under Hussein, and the very same mindset continues through your terrorist co-religionists.

    The Palestinians, especially Hamas and ilk, make open statements of their desire to inflict another holocasut on the Jews, as well as Iran’s Ahmadinejad, this is obviously of little concern for you.

    Vietnam was a bloodbath due to your fellow utopian buddies, the Communists, who showed their real disdain for human life after the US left the region, murdering over 2.5 million Asians.

    The only thing America has offered the world, is a chance to build a decent life in freedom and liberty, that’s why it continues to be the THE top place to immigrate to. I see no mass flow of immigration to the Levant, or Mahgreb….that speaks volumes to me.

    Your religion is responsible for the murder of over 270 000 000 non-Muslims, or Kaffirs as you call em, so don’t come here preaching your nonsense about how great Islam is, the bodies of those who have fallen victim because of it, speaks otherwise.

  3. You’re simply faking the history facts by giving a weak explanations.
    Hamas is only a new result due to Israel crimes during 50 years. USA wants Iraq for oil and military base in middle east..and etc.. .
    USA itself who found slavness for africa dont talk about merits !!.
    Islam came to free slaves,to ensure woman rights,to spread mercy for all(Mercy is the most holy world in Islam).
    BUT, just answer a simple Q:
    when Jews enter your home,killing your family,drive you away from your land… what is your reaction????!
    dude, I’m for example have a many relatives that losed in 1984 by Jews occupation. And for what? “Because Europe and USA..and persons like you drove the Jews away from Europe and havent another land except Palestine to conqure and drip BLOOD!.

    doesnt it an Ironic? hhh. don’t be racialist and think with MIND!

  4. According to the Arab historical narrative of the conflict, Israel’s crime is not its many victories over its Arab enemies, but its existence.

    The Arab world wants/needs to sell its oil in order to prop up its artificial existence, pure and simple. Of course the US wants oil, and its paying for like every other state is on the open market.

    When it comes to slavery, the Arab/Muslim world has involved itself in the slave trade ever since Islam erupted on the world stage, and it still goes on in the Muslim world, as a religious inspired right. Don’t you dare lecture to the West about slavery, the Islamic world has the blood of over 270 000 000 non-Muslims on its hands, many of which was the result of the Islamic institutionalization of slavery.

    How many Muslims have died to free slaves? The US lost over 500 000 soldiers during its civil war, which is more than any one Islamic state or the whole Levant can manage to claim.

    Your claim that Islam “came to free slaves and ensure women’s rights” is total hogwash. Point to a time in history where Muslims freed slaves, or even allowed them to retain their religions. Nonsense.

    If Islam came to ensure women’s rights, why isn’t a woman’s voice equal to that of a man’s? Nonsense.

    When comes to the ME conflict between the Arabs and Israel, why is it that Arabs in Nazareth do not need military protection but Jews in Hebron do?

    As for Europe’s genocide of its Jews, Hajj Amin al-Husseini, the Mufti of Jerusalem, was a Nazi collaborating war criminal being guilty of seeking to destroy Jews in the ME, as well as in the Balkans. The ME was ripe with anti-Semitism (still is) and was very vocal for its support of the Nazis.

    If not for Islamic anti-Semitism, there would have never been a conflict between Israel and its neighbors. You are in denial over your religious bigotry, its history of violence and subjugation of the non-believer, slavery and yes genocide.

    The west has come to terms with its own dark past, time for the Muslims to do the same.

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