Dhimmitude Holland

1000 Ignorant Dutch Boobs Gather to Protest Wilders Film…….

Dhimmitude in full display, these people obviously can’t get enough of it. The Islamists are besides themselves with glee.

About a thousand Dutch protesters gathered in central Amsterdam to voice their uneducated opinions against the Dutch politician’s film, Fitna. Notice the guy holding the sign with an Arab scarf wrapped around his neck.

Most likely he’s totally oblivious to the fact that every Muslim -who believes every word of the Quran to be true. deems him to be a substandard human being. But there he stands calling a western democrat a fascist while stumping for tolerance of a religion that would cast him into a second class status if ever given the opportunity.

Anti-racism protesters clad in winter clothing against the freezing cold and drizzling rain held placards that said “Enough is enough” and “Stop the witch-hunt against Muslims.”

Pop and hip-hop groups entertained the crowd in between speeches by social groups.

We can no longer remain silent. There is a climate of hate and fear in the Netherlands,” said spokesman Rene Danen from anti-racism organization Nederland Bekent Kleur (the Netherlands recognizes color differences), which had organized the protest.

There should be restrictions on what Wilders can say, said Rieke, a 61-year-old Amsterdam arts teacher who declined to give her last name.

“I think it is embarrassing what Wilders says, for example about tearing up the Koran. It is a very bad example to people to let him say whatever he wants,” she said.

Useful stooges, every last one of them. These are the kind of boobs that will end up selling the very rope used to hang themselves. As they chant WE NEED MORE TOLERANCE, the Islamists say that’s right, and slowly tighten the noose around their necks. All that’s left is the positioning the dhimmi over the trap door, and then springing it. Useless boobs. More here. *L* KGS

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