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The Courage Not to Force a Solution in Gaza…….

The Tundra Tabloids has a short list of Middle East commentators it pays attention to, like David Hornik and Daniel Pipes, Primer-Prez and TINSC (just to name a few). Another TT favorite is the prolific voice of Barry Rubin. The situation in Gaza, as well as the rockets launched from it into Israel, will not be solved in any significant way any time soon. Barry Rubin argues in a recent article against most of the so called “solutions” being promoted to end the current problems bedeviling Israel, and suggests that Israel take the lesser of all evils:

What To Do About Gaza: The Realistic Scenario

Push Hamas Back: What is needed is the most realistic option based on reality, not wishful thinking. Israel’s interest is to minimize attacks on its soil and citizens while limiting the cost of the response needed to achieve that goal. This can be best done by combining a more active version of current policy and the creation of a security zone in the “northern” Gaza Strip to push Hamas and its allies out of range.

The TT completely agrees with Rubin, there has been enough “wishful thinking” where the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is concerned, what’s needed now more than ever is “the most realistic option based on reality“. Enough said. More here. *L* KGS

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