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An Israeli Benedict Cries Arnold…….!

Illan Pappe: I’m not a traitor say I! And while you’re at it Illan, cry me a river of tears as well. If not for the long literary list of highly questionable, dubious “historical works” that Pappe has authored over the years, he most likely wouldn’t have been denied a professorship at Haifa University. But he did manage to land one in Britain, so that must tell you something about the level of standards at University of Exeter.

For those of you not familiar with Illan Pappe, is suffices to say that he is the Ward Churchill of the Israeli academy, or at least one of those who vie for the title of “pseudo professor of the year“. Pappé is the exact opposite of a real professor like Efraim Karsh, director of Middle Eastern studies at King’s College at the University of London.

The scholarship of Illan Pappé, Avi Shlaim and Benny Morris has been thoroughly exposed by Professor Karsh and properly debunked. Even one of the “New Historians” (B.Morris) has come full circle to the views offered by Karsh in his own scholarship of Israeli history. Morris, in an article in The New Republic where he disparaged a fellow revisionist, he (Mooris) ends up repeating, almost verbatim, Karsh’s charges against himself on the transfer issue (notably, that aliya, not transfer, was the Zionist solution to the “Arab question).

But back to Pappé. Why should he be upset that Israelis view his highly flawed, anti-Israel “scholarship” and anti-Israel activism as being traitorous, since he has made it his life’s work to do just that? He knows fully well that his pseudo scholarship is used by Israel’s enemies as a means to deligitimize the Jewish state in universities around the world, and he has a made a comfortable living while doing it.
1780 during the Revolutionary War between Britain and the Colonies, Benedict Arnold sold out his future country for 20 000 pounds, Illan Pappé is guilty of doing the very same. He not only receives a handsome income from his many dodgy books, but lots of prestige from the international academic community who absolutely love his kind of Israel bashing.
Being a handy “alibi Jew” for the anti-Semites, Pappé’s material and activism can be used as a teflon club by the Israel haters who can point to the “good Jew” as proof that they are not racists or international bigots. The former did it for cash, while the latter does it for cash and fame, which makes Pappé into not only a traitor, but a highly egotistical self flattering one as well.
Surely his sense of self worth far exceeds its true value. More here. *L* KGS

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