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The BBC Broadcasts Fabricated Story About Israel…….

The BBC broadcasted a fabricated story on March 7th, about the house belonging to the family of Ala Abu Dheim -who murdered eight Israeli students- being demolished and burnt by Israeli forces. It was the work of pure fiction, it never happened
The picture on the left was taken on March 9th, while Israeli police officers came to question the murderer’s family members at the undamaged house. The tent in front of the house is meant for “well wisher’s visiting with the cold blooded killer’s family.

The CAMERA org. has more on it here. *L* KGS

UPDATE: CAMERA obtains correction from the BEEB:

To BBC’s credit, Geeta Guru-Murthy has forthrightly corrected the original false demolition report on BBC World News, March 13 (seen on PBS at 8:25 AM EDT) as follows:

Now, we would like to clarify a report we heard at this hour last Friday about the attack by a Palestinian gunman on a Jewish seminary in Jerusalem. In the report, the day after the attack, BBC World said that the gunman’s home in east Jerusalem had been demolished by the Israeli authorities. That was not correct, and the images broadcast were of another demolition. Still to be clarified are the underlying judgements and procedures that led the BBC to air this footage.”

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