Anti-Israel bigotry and bias Finnish media Rony Smolar

Finnish Radio Broadcast: Rony Smolar And Risto Repo…….

YLE’s Areena radio program had an interview/discussion with Helsinki Jewish Community Spokesman, Ronly Smolar, and with YLE News broadcasting journalist, Risto Repo. The interview discussed Middle East reporting in Finland, and since Smolar worked for YLE, reporting from Israel for 20 years, he had much to offer on the subject. Risto Repo reports from Lebanon.

Once again the same arguments offered by Smolar, have been voiced here at the Tundra Tabloids, that:

  1. The over reporting of the ME conflict in the Finnish news media
  2. An attitude that exists in the Finnish MSM that Israel can’t be seen a victim
  3. An attitude that exists in the Finnish MSM to convey the fact that Israel has a right to defend its own citizens
  4. The very large (negative) role the international news wire services have in the Finnish MSM news stories
  5. The refusal to tell on a consistent basis the other half of the story (Israel’s suffering)
  6. The lack of enthusiasm to explain why Israel reacts in the way it does
  7. The lack of critical reporting in the Finnish MSM on what Hamas says and does
The only thing that the Tundra Tabloids disagrees with concerning a view held by Rony Smolar, is over the view of the violence being a “noidankehä”, cycle of violence. As Daniel Taub explained to the TT, to use the phrase, “cycle of violence”, is to assume that all parties involved in the conflict can end the violence at anytime (paraphrased). The Palestinians, especially Hamas, but also individual members and groups associated with Fattah , continue with the violence regardless of whether Israel responds or doesn’t respond. The onslaught is continuous.

Another matter is Repo’s refusal to admit his true feelings about what he really thinks of Israel’s military responses to Arab provocations. It can still be listened (in Finnish) to in Yle Areena service. (22:00 minute mark) *L* KGS

H/T Vasrahammer / Al Avai

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