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Tundra Girl: The Ideology of Death…….

The Tundra Tabloids introduces a new co-contributor, Tundragirl. She begins her commentary on the hate/rage death cult worship within Palestinian society, in connection with the brutal murders of Israeli students, and on the conflict in general. Tundragirl’s commentary is in English with the Finnish translation being available here. *L* KGS

The Ideology of Death

I admit that I’ll never get used to the sight of people cheering and celebrating the cruel and bloody death of innocent people, no matter what the situation may be. This is the sight we have of course become used to seeing when dealing with issues concerning the Middle East conflict. Like the terrorist attack that just happened in Israel, the terrorist attacks which took place in the United States on 9/11 came attached with a series of unforgettable photos of people celebrating in the streets, shooting in the air and handing out sweets to children in honor of the deed.

While mothers and fathers in western society wish their children a long life, mothers who have become brainwashed with Islamist fundamentalism have shown us an unfathomable attitude towards life; for them the honor is having as many of their children die as martyrs and kill as many of the infidel as possible. Naima al-Obeid (pictured with son):

“God willing you will succeed,” Naima al-Obeid said to her son Mahmoud on the day he went to die. “May every bullet hit its target, and may God give you martyrdom. This is the best day of my life.”

This is what has happened countless of times in Israel, in Iraq as well as here in Europe, with the London and Madrid terrorist attacks. What makes the situation even more unfathomable is the fact that the majority of these suicide-killers come from wealthy or at least, middle class families. Many of them were highly educated. The argument that terrorism has its roots in poverty begins to more and more, take on the consistency of helium.

The latest addition to these sad events representing this ideology of death is the terrorist attack that took place in Kiryat Moshe, Jerusalem, where at least 8 civilians were killed. Once again public celebrations took place in Gaza and among the supporters of Hezbollah in Lebanon. Why did this terrorist decide to go to a certain death and take innocent lives with him? The explanation can not be the occupation of Israel in Gaza, since Israel has not been occupying Gaza since 2005.

Instead Gaza has ever since been controlled by Hamas, which has used the opportunity to increase its terrorism against Israeli civilians. The explanation can neither be the misery of life, since this person was an Israeli Arab from East Jerusalem, entitled to all benefits and privileges offered by the citizenship. Also the explanation can not be the “illegal settlements” in the West Bank since they were never an obstacle for peace anyway – even for Arafat. In the Oslo peace plan the question of the settlements was already agreed on.

And even if those points above did bother the terrorist, can anything really justify the killing of innocents? Can peace be achieved by violence? And can the death of innocent people ever give a reason for celebration in any circumstances?

I have myself lived both in the East and West Jerusalem. East Jerusalem is a mixture of Jewish and Arab neighbourhoods right next to the Green Line. It’s an area where you can hear the prayer calls for Muslims on Friday’s, while Jewish shops are closing for Shabbat. Every weekend I could hear the shooting and fireworks from the Arab areas due to some happy couples having gotten married at the same time as Jewish families had withdrawn themselves amongst their families for a peaceful Sabbath rest.

On the other hand I always remembered West Jerusalem as a more western area being flavored with a scent of religious Judaism. During the Sabbaths West Jerusalem was basically paralyzed for 24 hours. The orthodox Jews went already on Thursday evenings to Yeshivas to study the Torah. I lived only a few kms from Kiryat Moshe where the latest terrorist attack took place. I can imagine the scene being one of those typical Thursday evenings before the terrorist decided to open fire.

The Quran has been interpreted in many ways, but unfortunately it contains verses which are urging for violence towards Christians and Jews, no matter how you want to read them. These verses are being used as a base for a modern day jihadism where the war is first of all against the existence of the Jewish State – and secondarily against the entire non-Islamic world. The goal is no less than conquering the whole world under the control of Islam. Israel first, then follows Europe and the rest. It is also important to remember, that Islam actually forbids Muslims to make a lasting peace with infidels. This explains a lot.

Unfortunately we are living in an era when fundamentalist Islam is raising it’s head, not only in the Middle East but globally. The target of their fire is not only Israel and the Jews but the entire Western lifestyle. The Palestinian Hamas operated TV Channel is doing it’s best to brainwash already the next generation for this battle. First there was a distortion of Mickey Mouse called Farfour who was teaching the children to hate the Jews. After a strong reaction from the international community Hamas had to take the program out of the TV.

They did it by telling the children that Farfour the mouse got killed by Jews. The newest addition to this sick propaganda is Assud the rabbit who teaches the children this time to hate and kill the Danes. On the other hand Hezbollah and other organizations who have committed themselves for destroying Israel have organized their own campaigns to brainwash the children.

They don’t raise and prepare their children for life and peace, but for war and death. Death sells well in fundamentalist Islam, because only the martyrs can be sure of getting into paradise. Only through martyrdom can a person be completely sure of his salvation. An addition to that is that the family of the martyr will be greatly respected in his community as well as they are granted a financial reward, big enough to be worth mentioning. The names of the martyrs are honoured and their “heroic deed” is being told to children and grandchildren.

These poor people are being tricked to kill themselves and others by religious points which in fact leads them to follow the political interests of their recruiters. Despite of knowing all this the EU for example has refused to add many of these organizations into the official and recognized list of terrorist organizations. What a shame.

When will be the time for the EU and all the Western world to condemn this shocking trampling of children’s rights and human rights in general? When will be the day our political leaders will condemn without just saying this “ideology of death”, and make strong statements to the leaders of these terrorist organizations to start educating and preparing their children for life and tolerance? I am afraid, that if this won’t happen soon, we ourselves will become the victims of this ideology.

This is not only about a clash taking place between Arabs and Jews. This is about the future of democracy itself, the future of freedom of speech and freedom of religion… and in the end… about life itself. At the moment especially in the Hamas-controlled Gaza, there is already growing a whole army of young terrorists, individuals who were never told the words “your life is precious and unique.”

As a result they live to die. We need to condemn terrorism if for no one else’s sake, then at least for the sake of these brainwashed children. Tundragirl

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