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England’s Bradford City Council lost track of 205 young girls last year, with 172 eventually being accounted for, leaving 33 other girls, still ….LOST

SHOCKING numbers of teenage girls are still missing from Bradford schools despite extensive efforts to find them, MPs investigating forced marriages were told yesterday.

Children’s Minister Kevin Brennan said the local council had lost track of 33 female pupils who were no longer in the city’s secondary schools.And he told a Home Affairs Select Committee examining the issue of forced marriages that there were another 14 areas of the country with high rates of so-called honour violence.

An extremely worrying situation. Political correctness be damned, these children need to be protected from their co-religionists who view the prophet of Islam’s “marriage” to a 6 year old girl, something worthy of emulating. More than likely the 33 school girls have all ended up like this hapless lass, married to a paedophile.

Time for our politicians and government officials to end their collective hand wringing and bed wetting, and be forced to enforce the laws that protects the innocent ones! More here. *L* KGS.

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