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Bush Names Cumber to International Islamic Racist Organization…….

US president George W Bush is making good on his promise to send a US representative to the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC).

Bush has named a fellow Texan of Pakistani origin, Sada Cumber, to listen and to learn from them, “them being the gaggle of Muslim bigots and racists that make up the OIC. Important organization? Hardly.

The US Special Envoy to the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) Mr. Sada Cumber called on the OIC Secretary General Prof. Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu at the latter’s office today on March 5, 2008. Mr. Cumber is appointed last week as the Special Envoy of the USA to the OIC by US President Mr. George W Bush following his announcement made in this regard in June 2007 while delivering a speech at the Islamic Center of Washington.

The appointment is a part of the US President’s effort to strengthen USA’s friendship with the Muslim Community worldwide.

[Note: The US has already shown its friendship by toppling an evil Muslim dictator who had murdered millions of his fellow Muslims before being brought down.]

The Secretary General appreciated the initiative of the USA to reach out to the Muslim World in a positive manner and underlined Mr. Cumber’s appointment as a significant step towards having respectful and meaningful dialogue and continued friendship between the Muslim World and West.

[Note: Another selfish and thankless Islamic bastard who’s only deserving of a full kick in the seat of his pants or gown. If he and the OIC can’t alreadu figure out that the US has their best interests at heart, then to hell with them]

The Special Envoy informed the Secretary General that he enjoys a direct mandate from the President to find out the ways and means of cooperation with the OIC and its Member States especially within the framework of the OIC Ten Year Program of Action.

[Note: This is not a good sign, no, not at all. The OIC should be cooperating with the US, not the other way around. Perhaps getting the Saudis to stop being so overt in supporting Islamism and the international jihad.]

He sought the guidance and suggestions from the Secretary General and his staff for making his endeavor a success. He said that the USA is fully committed to engaging itself with the Muslim World in order to enhance the friendly relationship towards eliminating the misgivings and misperceptions about each-other. The Secretary General said that the OIC expects the Special Envoy to exert sincere efforts to project the true image of Islam in the US Society and convey the views and expectation of the Muslim World on various issues to the US public opinion.

[Note: Again, the OIC has absolutely nothing of value to offer the US in the long run, not as long as they hold to the myth that Islam is being misunderstood. Their own religious scholars, teachers and Imams are incredibly silent on just where Osama bin-Laden and ilk are….getting it all wrong.

According to ex-Muslims, who the Tundra Tabloids places more credibility than on any other source, understand that the skeptics of Islam in the West, know more about the cult of Islam than any of their leaders.

The US doesn’t need to hear the “expectations of the Muslim world, anymore than they needed to hear the expectations of the world’s Communists and their cousins the Fascists.]

Mr. Cumber said that this would be one of the major thrusts of his assignment as the Special Envoy and his office would be in constant touch with the OIC for furthering the cooperation in a concerted manner. The Secretary General invited the US Special Envoy to the 11th OIC Summit to be held in Dakar on 13-14 March 2008. Mr. Sada Cumbers expressed his gratitude to be invited and accepted the invitation. The meeting ended with the Secretary General and the Special Envoy giving a short audience and briefing to the Press.

[Note: I already don’t trust the guy, especially for not wising Geroge W Bush up on what Isklam is truly all about, and just what the Islamic world will do if left to their own devices.]

This is not a good development, and much much more must be found out about this guy before the Tundra Tabloids gives him any benefit of the doubt. More here. *L* KGS

H/T Baron Bodissey

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