Anti-Israel bigotry and bias Finnish media Keskisuomalainen media bias

Media Chooses to Depict Israeli Minister as Supporting Genocide……..

At least that’s how the Central Finland Newspaper, The Keskisuomalainen chose to interpret it in today’s Saturday edition, 01.03.08. IT’S A BLOOD LIBEL!

KS: Israeli Minister Threatens Palestinians With a Holocaust

“The Israeli Minister exhorted the Palestinians with strong words to end the rocket strikes from Gaza into southern Israel. Deputy Defense Minister Matan Vilnai clamored on Friday that the Palestinians are threatened with a “Holocaust”, or genocide if the strikes don’t end.”

It was just too juicy of a story to try and find out what the Israeli Deputy Defense Minister, Matan Vilnai really meant by using the word “Shoah”, a word that is used primarily refers to the Holocaust of Europe’s Jews during WWII.

The Israeli online news agency YNET reports:
The Hebrew word “Shoah” Most often refers to the Holocaust but Israelis use it to describe all sorts of disasters. Vilnai spokesman Eitan Ginzburg said the deputy defense minister never intended it as a reference to the Holocaust but used the word “Shoah” to denote a disaster.
Once again we have the al-news wire services to thank for disseminating half truth stories, and lazy local news agencies like the KS and ilk, who could care less about the actual veracity of a story. If it coincides with their built in biases about the Jewish state, they’ll run it, and not even blink an eye while doing it.
This is truly a sick incident, and it happens all the time. And the “gate keepers” of the media believe that the blogosphere does not have enough “checks and balances” to ever compete with the MSM. B*ll Sh*t. The Blogosphere would have to come down a notch or two to be compared with the crap they print. And that’s a fact. *L* KGS

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