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Terror Rabbit Revisted…….

The Finnish media has begun to wake up and report on Assud, the Hamas’ Terror Rabbit, on Palestinian children’s TV. The Finnish tabloid paper, Iltalehti reported on it yesterday, as well as the Helsingin Sanomat in today’s edition of the newspaper.
Iltalehti had the more thorough report of the two papers, which included Terror Rabbit’s call to kill anyone daring to draw the prophet of Islam. The Helsingin Sanomat wimped out, in its decision to leave that choice morsel out of its report. Hmmm, not news enough for the Grey Lady of Helsinki
Tundraman has returned from northern Lapland to add the following: It is a very important reminder of the “other war” (the one going on in the media), and its very real and bloody consequences. It is also a sharp reminder about the importance for Israel to develop effective and immediate means for revealing – and making public! – the dirty tricks that Hamas, Hizbollah etc. use (quite successfully) in that particular war.
On the same note, it’s good that even the Helsingin Sanomat acknowledged today the hatred towards the Danes being taught to children on a Palestinian TV program. However, exactly like in the case of the Mickey Mouse-figure, Farfour, that attracted some international attention some time ago, it becomes even more glaring how totally indifferent the Western world is to the much worse hatred towards Israel and the Jews which is constantly taught in the same children’s programs. That contrast speaks more than a thousand words about the world’s antisemitism.

For those of you who are not familiar with Hamas’ other cartoon character, “Mickey Moussa” the terrorist mouse, he instructed the children viewing audience with daily calls to jihad, and finally ended up being….martyred.

Al Avai: Of course — people find this shocking because the Danes are “innocent” and “don’t deserve it.” For the Jews and Israelis, it is “part of an age-old conflict”, a response to “the occupation and oppression” and “the groups must learn to live together.” It is, therefore “understandable” and not newsworthy. Tell me, how many suicide bombings were there in Pakistan and Iraq in the last month? How many died? Forty here and fifty there, day by day. How about in Darfur? There is a ladder of sympathy and interest, with the Palestinians and Europeans at the top, the Darfur people at the bottom (maybe rising), and the Jews and Pakistanis somewhere in between.

Tundraman: Al Avai, you are more right than you think when you say that the excuse Europeans give for not bothering about the hatred towards Jews taught to children includes the claim that “it is part of an age-old conflict”, but what they DENY and SUPPRESS is the fact that they THEMSELVES are very much a part of that “age-old conflict”, having nurtured for the centuries the antisemitism inherent in European culture.

The difference is that the indifference to killings in Pakistan may be caused by the fact that these people are far away and very different from themselves, while the indifference to TEACHING JEW-HATRED among Palestinians has to do with the FAMILIARITY of this phenomenon for the Europeans and their DENIAL of this fact.

Tundraman hits the nail on the head. European anti-semitism runs deep, thereby enabling them to turn a blind eye to Arab anti-semitism, because they can personally identify with the hatred for Jews, sub-consciously or otherwise.

One positive note is that, in spite of reasons why the Europeans might be shocked now, there is a collective understanding, or realization, that Hamas and ilk, act outside the realm of normal, civilized behavior. This is of course no news to those who follow the Tundra Tabloids, as well as other news outlets that report on these kinds of stories coming from the Middle East, but to the overwhelming majority, it is indeed shocking that the Hamas is openly abusing its young in this way.

Forget about who it is directed against, and for the reasons why, it’s the fact that they are actually using cartoon, animal characters to brainwash the minds of their children. That the Finnish media is slowly beginning to report on the institutionalization of Palestinian child abuse, that in this case takes the shape of a cartoon character, is a welcome development, no matter how sluggish they have been about it. *L* KGS

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